The excitement never ends! The Band Factory is where private lessons & live performance meet! This auditioned program is designed for students to gain the best DCM live performance opportunities & obtain first-hand experience playing in a band. The course is designed to introduce students to writing, recording, & performing music in a group. It’s a fun & creative way to increase musicianship & build confidence!


Students are placed in original bands based on similar age, interest, & ability. Bands meet once a week to develop a set for a variety of public performances representing Deep Cove Music, the North Shore, and our local community. Through this program, students have the unique opportunity to experience becoming self-sufficient working musicians.


This course will cover:

·         Stage presence, presentation, and image

·         Band development & promotion 

·         Musical theory

·         Repertoire development

·         Creative Processes

·         Song & Lyric writing  

·         Music Recording

·         Music History

·         Team building & team work

·         Aural and improvisational skills development

             … and much, much more!