The excitement never ends! The Band Factory is where private lessons & live performance meet! This auditioned program is designed for students to gain the best DCM live performance opportunities & obtain first-hand experience playing in a band. The course is designed to introduce students to writing, recording, & performing music in a group. It’s a fun & creative way to increase musicianship & build confidence!


Students are placed in original bands based on similar age, interest, & ability. Bands meet once a week to develop a set for a variety of public performances representing Deep Cove Music, the North Shore, and our local community. Through this program, students have the unique opportunity to experience becoming self-sufficient working musicians.


This course will cover:

·         Stage presence, presentation, and image

·         Band development & promotion 

·         Musical theory

·         Repertoire development

·         Creative Processes

·         Song & Lyric writing  

·         Music Recording

·         Music History

·         Team building & team work

·        Aural and improvisational skills development

             … and much, much more!

We're really excited that our bands are coming back again! We're proud to offer "social distance band factory" this year.
Fortunately, as with many professional recording studios, we have isolation booths! They're used usually to separate sounds during recording sessions.
 Ours isolation booths are attached to the main band room by panes of glass, so band members will still be able to hear, see, and play together while maintaining a safe distance.
Including mandatory masks, hand sanitation, and temperature checks, we feel confident everyone will be able to stay safe during DCM band practice.
This year is also exciting because we have a very special theme we're calling "Our Inspiration". In previous years, themes were chosen in part because of their mass appeal for our in-person theme concerts. This year, since our concert is virtual we're simply asking our bands to let us know what inspires them.
This year bands will choose their favorite songs from their favorite bands and artists, showing us what inspired them to learn their instrument.
With new considerations comes new possibilities and we hope you can join us!!



This program is designed for young children ages 5 and under as an introduction to music through play. We provide:


  • FUN & SKILL DEVELOPMENT: A lot of fun, musical repertoire complete with actions to develop motor skills, social skills, and memory.


  • CONNECTIONS: The program helps kids to foster connections with each other through the language of music, movement and dance.


  • INSTRUMENTS: Engaging introduction to a variety of instruments.


  • PARENT PARTICIPATION: Welcome environment for parents and caregivers to attend and have fun with participants.


  • RECITAL: Optional group presentation at DCM’s Winter and Year End Recitals!



  • Ages:

    • 2 yrs and under

    • 3-5 yrs

  • Minimum 4 per class. 

  • Instructor:  Veronica Bonderud



  • Weekly Classes September to June.

  • Ages: 6 months -2 years old:  Friday’s  10:00am-10:45pm

  • Ages: 3-5 years old: Friday’s  11:00am-11:45am



  • $20 per class

  • Paid on the 1st of each month for all classes that month. 

  • Students are registered from September until June

  • May discontinue with 4 weeks written notice

To sign up, send us an email by clicking below and sending us your Students Name, Parents name, Age and Phone Number




Have fun developing your acting skills for Film,TV, Commercials and Theatre with on camera scene work, acting and improvisation games and exercises! This will not only help your acting skills but increase your self-confidence too!


Participants will work on:



    • prepare a monologue they can use for auditions for professional talent agents, commercials, films, and theatre.

    • Learn on camera audition techniques



    • Learn character development through scene study and partner work

    • Learn improv skills through fun games and sketch development



  • Friday’s from 3:30pm- 5:30pm
    As classes increase in numbers they may be split as follows:

    • Friday’s from 3:30pm-5:30pm

    •  Friday’s from 6:00-8:00

  • Minimum 4 per class. 

  • Instructor: Veronica Bonderud



  • $40 per class

  • Paid on the 1st of each month for all classes that month. 

  • Students are registered from September until June

  • May discontinue with 4 weeks written notice

To sign up, Send us the interested students Name, Phone number and age by email by clicking below, or contact us with any questions you have!