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Danielle Marcinek

She / Her


Voice / Piano

Danielle Marcinek holds a Bachelor of Music with distinction, an ARCT in Classical piano performance and an LRCM in Classical piano performance. Ms. Marcinek has developed an international reputation as a pianist and vocalist with her Performances for royalty, dignitaries, politicians and celebrities at sea and on land across Europe, North America and abroad. In the early 2010's, Danielle held residencies at London England's Savoy, Harrods, and RAC lounges as a pianist and vocalist. Ms. Marcinek performed at notable prestigious events including London's 2012 Harry Winston Jewelry launch at Spencer House, the 2013 exhibition for Virgin Airways in Munich Germany, and a feature for the King of Bahrain at London's Four Seasons hotel.

Danielle is also a featured solo classical and accompanying pianist for both the Con Brio Recordings and Ludwig Recordings record labels. Many of her recordings have received radio-play throughout Europe and North America.

For several years Ms. Marcinek has been an accomplished choral and vocal accompanist for the B.C. Choral Federations 'Choral Stage' programs, the Surrey Children's Choir, the Vancouver Bach Choirs and the Vancouver Children's Choir. Danielle served as pianist for several International choral festivals including Kathaumixw in 2003 and the 2009 Llangollen Festival in Wales with the Surrey Children's Choir.

Currently Danielle serves as music director for the Vancouver Opera Company affiliated Kettle Arts Program. Ms. Marcinek is also the Oakridge United Church's music director, and teaches piano and vocals at Deep Cove Music. In addition to her work as a piano performing and recording artist, Danielle writes music that draws its influences from her versatile background of classical, musical theatre, jazz and choral roots. Ms Marcinek brings her knowledge and enthusiasm of mixed musical mediums to her teaching, which has been an inspiration to students of all ages from the beginner to advanced levels for several years.

RATES: 40.5 / 60.75 / 81

604-929-2683 (COVE)

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