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Denisa Doftoreanu

She / Her



Denisa is a multi-award-winning actress and filmmaker who's won awards at prestigious film festivals including a 2-time Best Actress winner, Most Promising Performer, and Best Comedy for a film she created.

Denisa grew up as a competitive dancer and was very fast to catch on to choreography. When she was asked to fill in last minute for someone in a dance routine at only 9 years of age, it just so happened to be GREASE. That’s when she quickly found her love and passion for acting, singing, and dancing all together.

Having won multiple awards for her Musical Theatre solos, she was also a part of her Drama and Theatre department at her high school, quickly becoming one of the leaders and winning 6 drama scholarships in her senior year.

At the same time, she has been professionally trained at some of the highest-ranking acting schools in Vancouver and has worked with many of the industry’s top professionals including KC & Donna-Marie, Marc-Anthony Massiah, Erin Boyes, and so many more.

She is a versatile actress, able to play all different genres and characters, who also writes, directs, edits, and produces her own films.

She’s a truly passionate and devoted actor who wishes to inspire her students to let their imaginations run wild, never give up on their dreams, and find the FUN and PLAY in this crazy industry. Her motto is to always give each student their own chance to shine!


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