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Ian Willmer

He / Him


Bass / Guitar / Voice / Piano / Trumpet / Songwriting / Production / Ukulele / Band Factory

Ian is a passionate multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years of professional experience in various music genres. He started in school, playing and performing in several ensembles while receiving private vocal training for seven years. During his decade-long career in a band, Ian performed at hundreds of shows, including an 80-date Canadian tour and a memorable arena performance for 16,000 people.


Ian's music experience goes beyond the stage. While collaborating with renowned writers and producers, he performed on music that reached the Billboard Top 40 charts and gained over 40 million streams.


However, what truly matters to Ian is the meaningful relationships and sense of community he has found through music. Drawing from his rich musical background, Ian is eager to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with aspiring musicians. He believes in creating a positive and supportive learning environment, where students of all ages and skill levels feel at ease to ask questions, make mistakes, and explore their creativity. Ian is excited to share his love for music while guiding the next generation of musicians as they learn and grow.


36.5 / 54.75/ 73


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