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We offer: 

•    Private / Semi-private Music Lessons
•    In Person or Virtual

•    Variety of Instruments
•    Many Talented Instructors (Click here)


Book a one time lesson to try out one of our fantastic instructors!

30 min


45 min


60 min


Register for weekly lessons for maximum progress and development at a lower monthly rate!



By taking lessons with us you are agreeing to our lesson policies which you can view below.

How long of a lesson should I take?



Q: How are Registered Lessons Billed?
Registered weekly lessons are billed once a month on the 1st of each month for the lessons in each month. You are billed the # of weeks in that month x your discounted instructor rate. You can check out each teacher's rate for 30 min/45min/60 min by clicking on their instructor's page. Through our Teacherzone app, you upload your preferred payment information (Visa, Mastercard or ACH Bank Autodeposit) which you can update and trac

Q: What Happens when I miss a lesson? (Makeups/Refund Policy)

When you register, you are committing to a weekly appointment at you day and time and as our teachers prepare for each lesson and reserve that timeslot for you we do not guarantee makeup lessons and we do not offer refunds. If you are sick or on vacation you are welcome to take a virtual lesson instead of an in-person lesson at any time. If you are unable to make your lesson at all and have given us advance notice you can ask your instructor if they have any availability to fit you in for a makeup as a courtesy if they have any cancellations or gaps, but this is not guaranteed and is dependant on their availability and schedule.

Q: Can I do Group or Semi-Private Lessons?
A student will get the best learning outcomes from a one-on-one private lesson so we always recommend that to learners as everyone learns with different styles and speeds. Sometimes in a group lesson one student may end up waiting aside while a teacher helps one of the students with a particular part or learning challenge. Occasionally a student requests that they take a lesson with a friend. We can certainly try that if it helps motivate a student but we recommend booking a minimum of an hour long lesson or more just to make sure that each student gets a quality experience and enough one on one attention to their needs.

Q: What happens when my lesson falls on a Holiday?
We are open every week for lessons except for one week at spring break and one week during the winter Christmas holidays. If your lesson falls on a Stat, we allow you to do a makeup lesson or reschedule your lesson that week if we  have a week's advance notice. You may download our school lesson calendar here

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