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Mike Allen

He / Him


Saxophone / Piano / Flute / Clarinet / Oboe / Bassoon / Recording / Theory / Composition

Described by Discorder Magazine as a "compositional tour de force", award winning composer and musician Mike WT Allen has been forging his own pathway through the Vancouver music scene since graduating from Capilano University's jazz program with a degree in composition in 2014.

Mike composes for, plays with, produces, and records music with a number of groups and artists around Vancouver over a vast range of musical styles from experimental rock to free-jazz to horn driven funk. He is just as often found headlining festival stages to sold out audiences as he is seen playing strange art-music to intimate crowds in strange off-the-beaten-path venues with the groups he plays with and leads both locally and internationally. Additionally Mike has composed award winning film scores, music for commercial spots, and has had his music performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

When it comes to teaching, Mike brings his years of experience to each lesson, as well as applying this same level of eclecticism to try to engage his students from whatever angle piques their interest. Sometimes this yields strange results like hip-hop versions of classical piano etudes, collaborative 5 minute long "noise jam" recordings, or pieces played entirely with a duck sound effect. Yes, these are all things that have actually happened in lessons, and we swear they were all at least somewhat educational.

RATES: 34 / 51 / 68

604-929-2683 (COVE)

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