lesson policies


by taking lessons, you are agreeing to our lesson policies

Electric Piano

lesson contract

  1.  The teaching year is from September to August with some time off at Christmas indicated in our annual calendar and 1 week off at Spring Break. Please see our annual calendar for all dates. 

  2. The summer teaching schedule is from the beginning of July to the end of August and must be booked and paid for in advance

  3. The monthly rate is based on the number of weeks your lesson or program is booked for in each month and is due on the 1st of each month.

  4. Pre-payment until the end of June must be provided at the time of registration in the form of credit card or bank information for auto debit. 

  5. A $20 late fee will be charged for every account 15 days overdue. 

  6. Registration fee is not refundable. This is  $21 fee charged at the beginning of lessons

  7. Students missing lessons or programs are not entitled to any refund nor are they guaranteed make-up lessons. (a virtual lesson may be requested if students are unable to attend in person for private lessons only)

  8. A four-week written notice is required to withdraw from lessons or programs unless listed differently below.  

  9. Product(s) owing on account past 30 days may be charged to the account payment method on file.  Any moneys owed on account that are not cleared by 30 days will be subject to a monthly interest charge of 3%. 

  10. If a regular instructor is unavailable for a lesson, DCM will provide a comparable substitute either in person or virtually

  11. Clients of Deep Cove Music may not hire the services of any teacher or staff member introduced to them by Deep Cove Music for private instruction or any other service provided by DCM, virtually or in person, outside of Deep Cove Music while being registered for lessons and programs or for the period of 5 years after termination of lessons or services at Deep Cove Music. 

  12. All client agree to follow Deep Cove Music's health and safety plan for Covid-19. READ: DCM Safety Plan

  13. All clients come to Deep Cove Music at their own risk will not hold Deep Cove Music or its staff liable for any related incidents due to Covid-19

  14. Once this agreement has been assigned to your Teacherzone account you have 2 weeks to agree or you agree to accept it automatically.

Band Factory Program Additional Policies

  1. Participants may withdraw from the program only within the 4 week trial period from the date of their registration. After that the student is locked into the program until the end of June as the success of the program relies on each participants commitment.

  2. Students in the Band Factory are required to take a MANDATORY minimum 30 minute weekly private lesson.