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Nikko Whitworth

They / Them


Electric Bass / Upright Bass / Cello / Beginner Violin / Guitar / Ukulele / Music Theory / Beginner Violin

As a teacher, Nikko aspires to make lessons efficient, stimulating, & fun. He graduated Capilano University with a Bachelor’s of Music & a Jazz Studies Diploma, developing the skills to individually design lessons & materials for each student he works with. With a knowledge of the performance practices of Rock, Jazz, Metal, Funk, R&B, Pop, Classical, Country and others, his lessons are designed to build upon his students' existing musical interests as well as open doorways to new avenues of exploration. Nikko teaches all levels and interests, his specialization is advanced bass techniques and is prepared to deliver lesson plans to a high level of skill


36.5 / 54.75 / 73


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